Note 2: Raw Reading

Since I’m writing one story a day, six days a week.* what you’re reading on this site are draft zero stories. The writing may be raw, and you’ll likely find both continuity and spelling issues, but if you enjoyed them even still, I’m doing something right.

Sometimes it feels as if the stories flow through me from somewhere else, the characters whispering in my ears, while other times, I feel as if I’m pulling hard on a stubborn rope just to retrieve a broken music box, something that used to play beautiful music but skips and clunks in odd places.

Those stories that touch you, shake you up, exert a strong response, let me know.  These are the ones I want to come back and polish.

Thanks for reading!


*This note originally posted in 2015 was accurate.  During 2015, I took one day off a week from flash fiction.  For 2016, as part of my Patreon launch, I’m aiming for all thirty days in the month.  Wish me luck!

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