2019 Excerpts

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You Me and the Fire

The enormity of her being rises before me, a blazing star in the firmament. Her face aglow filled my vision, eclipsing the sky and the distant sparkle of other suns far from our union.

My lover, my goddess.

I shift upon the vast field of her hand, sliding into the valley of her heart line before climbing the hill of her palm.


I entered the wilding woods, ready to sacrifice my beating heart to the ancient forest witch. Wiser than the gnarled oak and wilder than the years that survived her, she closed my hands over the offering. Its frantic beat calmed into waves of vibrating warmth and changed into a shape—fur-driven and pointed and reminiscent of the quixotic memory of a kitten.


Nothing prepared me for your smile. Your mouth opening to reveal row upon row of needle-sharp teeth at least six layers deep behind an ever-widening grin. How hungry you were for the treats I baked as an offering and show of gratitude.