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Flash Fiction Posts in Chronological Order

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Frank [sci fi]
eBees II [speculative] – FREE
FTLT [sci fi]
The Curator’s Assistant [speculative]
Digger [sci fi]
Accident [sci fi]
Cheddar [sci fi]
Dependable [fantasy]
Way Station [sci fi]
Ask 4477 [speculative]
Tracewind [fantasy, steampunk]

2014 Excerpts for the above stories can be found here.


Be Human [sci fi] – FREE
Deportation [sci fi]
Outage [speculative]
Assistant’s Log [sci fi]
Hunted [sci fi]
New Drug [speculative] – FREE
The Job [speculative]
The Daring Adventures of Captain Rafe Burley [sci fi/space opera] – FREE
Monsters [speculative/horror]
When Fire Meets Ice [sci fi/romance]
Vikingr III [sci fi/space opera mini series]
Ikelos [myth]
Liberation [sci fi]
Angel Hunter [myth]
Coyavolf [speculative]
The Moon Faced One [myth]
Lifespan [fantasy]
Vikingr I [sci fi/space opera mini series]
The End of the World as We Know It [sci fi]

2015 Excerpts for the above stories can be found here.


Train Boxing [speculative]
Child’s Play [speculative]
Vikingr II [sci fi/space opera mini series]
The Choking Sickness [sci fi]
Marshmallows and Spider Webs [myth] – FREE
Curiosity of the Siren [sci fi/myth]
Iamphus and the Lampan Fruit [sci fi]
Milk Light Moon [fantasy]
When Demons Come to Torment [myth]
Wisdom, Wine, and Song – Part I [speculative/mini series]
Wisdom, Wine, and Song – Part II [speculative/mini series]
Wisdom, Wine, and Song – Part III [speculative/mini series]
Nocturne [speculative]
Guardian Demon [myth]
The Pools of Guica Toom [speculative]
Master Says [horror]
Of Smoke and the Dance [speculative]
Vikingr IV [sci fi/space opera mini series]
Vikingr V [sci fi/space opera mini series]
Arc Light and Trousers [steampunk]
Thief’s Code – Part I [urban fantasy/mini series]
We Are All Made of Stories [speculative fiction]
Thief’s Code – Part II [urban fantasy/mini series]
The Final Countdown [sci fi]
Cheese [sci fi]
A Lesson [speculative]
Wizard Wars [urban fantasy]
The Seven Year Ball [urban fantasy]
Myconid [sci fi]
A Little Trip [speculative/sci fi/myth]

2016 Excerpts for the above stories can be found here.


No posts for this year due to publication of five books including:

The Grasp of Time [sci fi/urban fantasy]
Perdition [horror]
Aranya [poetry]
Cress and the Medicine Show [historical fiction/myth]


Losses and Gains [speculative]
Kepta, the Gathering [sci fi]
Fired Up [sci fi]
Level Up [sci fi]
Sender Unknown [speculative]
Birdland [sci fi]


You Me and the Fire [sci fi]
Sacrifice [fantasy]
Sweets [fantasy]